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Frequently Asked Garage Door Inquiries

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Frequently Asked Garage Door Inquiries

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Our admirable team provides the answers and phone lines are always open for you. To fast track sharing of information with customers a bit more, we have decided to compile the answers that kept phones ringing in the recent past. Here are the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Why does the garage door keep opening?

If you are trying to close the garage door but it keeps opening, you need to check the opener. Sometimes the reverse system is activated when there is no obstacle under the garage door. Check the area under the door and remember that the sun may also affect their good operation. If the lights on the sensors are blinking, you may need garage door sensors replacement.

Is lubrication a hard process?

The process is not hard but you still have to follow instructions and consult the experts at Garage Door Repair Clearwater because you must pick the right lubricants and gather information. You must lubricate the mechanical garage door parts but you need to find out the exact portion and frequency needed. If you don't lubricate them properly or overdo it, you will have the opposite results. Hence, lubrication maintenance is not hard but requires attention.

How many times can I change the keypad code?

The best thing about wireless garage door keypads working with the rolling code technology is that they allow users to change the code as often as they like. After all, these systems work with trillion of code combinations according to our specialists in Clearwater.

Which varnishes should I use for my garage door?

The secret is choosing exceptional quality varnishes and pick the right ones depending on the material of the garage door. Each material would need different coats and it's also important to focus on the ones which can protect the door from elements and make it more resistant. Good quality varnishes will protect the material better. They will last for a longer time if primers are applied first. The color is entirely up to you.

What maintenance do wood garage doors need?

They have to be washed once or twice a year. It is crucial for them to be repainted or re-stained annually. Regular inspection of the panels for rotting is also necessary. Panels with signs of decay must be repaired or replaced timely.

Can I use the same track with a new garage door?

When we perform complete garage door replacement, our experts in Clearwater often recommend that new tracks should be used as well, even if the old ones are still in good condition. The problem lies in compatibility, as the old tracks may not be able to handle the weight of the new door, size of the door, and the track won't match.


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