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Types Of Garage Door Locks

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Types Of Garage Door Locks

Garage Door Locks In Clearwater

There are different types of garage doors according to Garage Door Repair Clearwater. Likewise, locks for the doors used in a garage also appear in a variety of forms and styles. These locks serve different purposes and levels of security. Our technicians suggest that it is important to choose one that provides adequate security without being too much of a hassle to use.

Side Door Bolt

This type of lock is considered as the most common lock for garage doors. Garage Door Repair Clearwater says that it usually comes pre-installed with the door. It works like the lock of door knobs. It involves a bolt that slides into the slot on the door frame or the garage door track. Our professionals can provide excellent technical work.

Deadbolt Lock

Just like the lock used in house doors, this lock is intended for small entry or exit points in the garage designed for people. This door is also important. It is intended to provide the highest possible security to a door. It usually requires a key to be opened or closed. It may not have a turn switch to prevent it from being opened by using a stick to manipulate the turn switch. Our specialists can explain how they work.


Padlocks are also an option for securing garage doors. They are usually used for roll up and overhead doors. They are attached to the bottom part of the door. Padlocks offer the advantage of being inexpensive. They can also be installed by you but if you need professional assistance, the experts of Garage Door Repair Clearwater are at your service. However, they are easy to pick so it is advisable to use them to lock the door from the inside.

T-Handle Lock

According to Garage Door Repair in Clearwater this simple locking system is typically used to lock the door from the outside. It usually requires a key to be opened. This lock derives its name from its T shape. If you need further information, you can contact our techs.

Electronic Lock

The pros of Garage Door Repair Clearwater say that people, who have an electronic garage door opener, may use the locking system of the opener as the door locks itself. Quality openers can disable the movement of the garage door to prevent it from being opened. There are also electronic locks that are separate from the door openers. They are rather uncommon, though.

Installation of additional locks for different types of doors can be done by the experts of garage door repair in Clearwater. It is the pride of our professionals to offer useful advice on the right types of locks.


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